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Active Tetris is a free version of the popular Tetris game featuring top strip models
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27 November 2012

Editor's review

Rewards are a great way to get motivated to win or do better the next time, in fact, it works like fuel. For example there are lots of other things in a car which must be there to make it move but without fuel nothing actually works, similarly motivation is something without which one can not move ahead with zeal to win or perform. Motivation might come from any source or any method or medium, for some it comes from mom, dad, teacher, coach, partner, whereas, for some the end result and its outcome is a great motivating factor. For example, win a contest and meet the favorite celebrity is a great motivator for a huge number of people.

New game Active Tetris 5.66 also has a great motivating factor to encourage gamers to win the game. Tetris is a very popular game played widely by gamers of any age group and this latest version comes with a twist, it features top strip models. Thus, the users interface of this game very attractive. On the left side of the game screen the colorful Tetris game is played and on the right side there is a beautiful strip model waiting for the player to score. Tetris 5.66 is a 10 level game and with every level there is some extra excitement waiting for the gamer. All that the gamer has to do is place the falling blocks on their most accurate place and keep minimum possible space between the blocks. When the gamer completes one level or scores certain points; the model strips some more. The levels gets harder with the game’s progress. Active Testis 5.66 is available for free and the full version of the game features new models everyday.

Even though this is a simple and exciting game but due to its content it will remain limited to adults only. The game earns a decent score of three rating points for its overall game-play and easy controls.

Publisher's description

Active Tetris is a free version of the popular Tetris game featuring top strip models. Active Tetris objective is to completely strip the model by achieving a total of 10 game levels. Try to place the falling blocks in their best positions so that they match and there are as few empty spaces as possible between them. Use your keyword arrow keys to move or change the block's orientation. Press the 'P' key anytime to pause the game. Every time you beat your current level or obtain a certain number of points the lady will strip a step further on the game right panel screen. The levels get harder as the game proceeds so play the smart way to have the lady completely undress for you! The full version features uncensored complete stripteases and even more and has our most beautiful models available! It features a new girl every single day. When you succeed stripping the model you win access to her full photo gallery! Have fun!
Active Tetris
Active Tetris
Version 6.1.3
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